Phyllis Smith - EZIA Enterprises, Inc. CEO; Quint Brands President (North America)

Tariq Waheed – Quint Brands CEO/Founder; EZIA Enterprises. Inc. President (International)

Jeremy Long - Director - Partnerships

Karnika E Yashwant (Mr. Key) - Director  - Crypto, ICO, Blockchain Solutions

Sarfaraz Shaikh - Manager - Lead Generation 

Debbie Goetz – PR/Media Relations

Dana Dobson – PR/Content

Camille Forte – Social Media Strategist

Dave Bannister – Video/Audio

Joe Monzo - Video/Audio

Jim Batty – Event Production

David Hausen – Film Production

Cheryl Noti – Technology Solutions

Karen Edwards - Creative Content

Lynda Dell - Creative Content

Judith Lee – Creative Content

Adnan Sayyed – Website Creation & Design

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Here at EZIA Enterprises, we are dedicated to you and the specific goals of your organization. We've been around for over 10 years as a business/technical consulting firm to SMB, Mid-Market, and Global Corporations. Recently, we have expanded our business to provide solutions that are strategically focused on digital marketing. From lead generation, video production, animation, social media, advertising, graphic design, public relations and other solutions including event management, SAAS, ICO campaigns and AI design - EZIA Creative Solutions has an extensive list of services and a team of experienced professionals to assist any type of organization. More importantly, we are determined to provide our customers with cutting-edge creative solutions to assist them with their growth objectives and focused on providing the best customer experience.

We also provide international services through 
our partner, QuintBrands, located in London, UK with a global footprint of 800 agencies in 107 countries.  View their services and portfolio at www.quintbrands.com.